Bill’s lunch: an insanely good smoked tofu sandwich

My smoked tofu sandwich

I am moderately obsessed with using my Weber grill to smoke most anything I can. If you came here from my IG, you already know this, LOL. Jeney bought me charcoal holders for Christmas, they hold the charcoal in a fixed place to maximize the area of the grill with indirect heat. I put them to good use the other day and smoked a few pounds of tofu.

FWIW, I used mesquite and pecan wood. Incredible flavor. Never one to waste good food, I whipped up this dank sandwich for lunch: sourdough bread, vegan mayonnaise, spicy mustard, thinly sliced smoked tofu, baby spinach, red onion, with some salt and pepper. Then for good measure I put it on my cast iron grill for a couple of minutes to warm it up and get these cool grill marks. Tasty success!

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