Working on new stuff

As they say, a new year, a new you. We are taking that to heart as well. As some of you know we come up with a theme for each year that we try to go by. Last year’s was ‘be better’, and if I’m being honest, we did not do as well at being better as we had set out to. Part of learning and growing is admitting your failures.

Us on a hike at the Santa Rosa preserve in SoCal, Jan 2021.

This year our motto is ‘refocused’. We want to focus in on what we love and ignore outside influences. We want to focus in on things we want to learn, and get down to business on it. So part of that is, this new blog and trying to be diligent and making sure it happens on a regular basis.

This photo is from a hike we took this past weekend. It was a fantastically beautiful day here in Southern California. We set out to do a one and a half mile loop. Ended up doing 4 miles! A weekly hike is another part of our refocusing. We both love hiking and exploring the outdoors, however distractions have held us back from accomplishing some of that in the past. So far we have done multiple hikes since the beginning of December and our stamina has built up over that time.

What are your goals for this year?

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