Music: Coachella announces its lineup, and the reactions are all over the place

As probably most of you have heard, Coachella announced their lineup this week for their 2022 festival. Scrolling through my friends list on my various social media platforms, I’ve seen a wide variety of reactions to this lineup.

I personally think it’s all right. Not as good as the 2022 Bonnaroo lineup, but still pretty damn good. A lot of other people think it is crap. As one guy said online – ‘hot garbage’.

Many of the people who have complained on social media about the Coachella lineup seem to have something in common: they are over the age of 35.

Another friend of mine pointed out in a discussion online that Coachella continues to market to the same people: folks in their late teens to early thirties. What has changed for many people is the additional years from the day you were born. 🤷‍♂️

Chime in on what you think about this lineup in the comments. 👍🤘

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