• New 7-Eleven opens on Jefferson Ave in Murrieta

    Can’t even lie, when I saw they were building a 7-Eleven around the corner from our office, I was very happy. For those of you who know the west side business district of Murrieta, you also know that there are no gas stations in the area. Until now!

    The new 7-Eleven

    Yesterday, Monday January 24th, they held the grand opening of the new 7-Eleven at the northwest corner of Jefferson avenue and Eastman.

    As per usual at Grand openings, they had a DJ and they were giving away free branded swag. I picked up a couple of water bottles and they’ll come in handy on hikes or while riding my mountain bike.

  • Bearsun speaks about stopping his cross-country run

    I started following Bearsun (aka Jessy Larios) and his journey last spring in April of 2021. He was on his way from LA to San Francisco, walking in a custom made ‘Bearsun’ suit. It looked awesome from a visual standpoint, and it was a creation all his own. I was intrigued by his ‘costume’, his adventure and his earnest sense of being. I liked that he kept ‘in character’ in all of his posts – and that he was raising money for non-profit groups. All good stuff.

    courtesy of @iambearsun on instagram

    After his LA to SF trip – he decided to walk from San Diego to Las Vegas, all while raising more funds for non-profits thru donations made online. His trip included many more stops, as people had begun to find out about him online and were pulling up along side the road in order to get a picture with him.

    Then after completing the SD to LV trip, he came up with the rather lofty goal of walking across the US from Los Angeles to New York. He planned on starting on July 5th and if memory serves me right, I believe he thought the trip would take about 90 days. He had laid out a plan to raise funds for 3 different groups: the disabled community, the environment and mental heath.

    It took him 134 days – but he made it. Watching his lives in IG and following his travels was too much fun. Definitely made 2021 more interesting in a positive way. During that time he amassed a huge following across social media, was featured on TV, blogs and newspapers.

    In true Bearsun style, as soon as he finished – he announced he was RUNNING from Florida to Washington (state) starting January 1 2022. He started his run across America, but then just a few days into it he posted that he had to stop and head home to LA.

    All of his followers were very concerned about him, but last night, he went live on YouTube to explain why. Ill let you watch his video rather than explaining it all out, but suffice to say, our thoughts and positive vibes are with him.

    Watch his explanation video here: https://youtu.be/4osJC-EEcv8

    Visit his website for more info and his adorable merch: https://iambearsun.com/

  • The San Diego Skyline, or at least a part of it…

    Took this picture from the Alta Building in downtown San Diego on January 15 2022. Was a day of odd – yet comfortable weather. Just a bit of rain here and there, warm and not very windy at all. Quite pleasant.

    If you like this view, then it is your lucky day! As of January 16 2022 – it could be yours. We are looking for a long term renter, details can be found at: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/575-6th-Ave-Unit-501_San-Diego_CA_92101_M13586-88738

  • Music: Coachella announces its lineup, and the reactions are all over the place

    As probably most of you have heard, Coachella announced their lineup this week for their 2022 festival. Scrolling through my friends list on my various social media platforms, I’ve seen a wide variety of reactions to this lineup.

    I personally think it’s all right. Not as good as the 2022 Bonnaroo lineup, but still pretty damn good. A lot of other people think it is crap. As one guy said online – ‘hot garbage’.

    Many of the people who have complained on social media about the Coachella lineup seem to have something in common: they are over the age of 35.

    Another friend of mine pointed out in a discussion online that Coachella continues to market to the same people: folks in their late teens to early thirties. What has changed for many people is the additional years from the day you were born. 🤷‍♂️

    Chime in on what you think about this lineup in the comments. 👍🤘

  • Real Estate: upcoming rental property open houses in SoCal

    As you may know, Jeney and I both work as Realtors at Full Value Properties. We specialize in property management but we also sell real estate and help investors purchase new properties. We have quite a few properties that are currently available for rent and over the next week or so we are hosting a series of open houses.

    The home for rent at 28536 Chaucer, Menifee

    You are welcome to stop by and view them in person. We are requiring everyone to wear masks while inside the buildings and there will be no public restrooms available.

    41410 JUNIPER ST #2511, MURRIETA, CA 92562 – $2300 per month – 1/14/22 from 11am-1pm
    575 6TH AVE #501, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 – $2400 per month – 1/15/22 from 11am-1pm
    28536 CHAUCER DR, MENIFEE, CA 92584 – $2850 per month – 1/16/22 from 11am-1pm
    1600 ELMBRIDGE LANE, HEMET, CA 92545 – $2300 per month – 1/19/22 from 330pm-5pm

    Details of all our homes can be found on our website: https://www.fullvalue.com

    You can follow us on social media at:

  • Bill’s lunch: an insanely good smoked tofu sandwich

    My smoked tofu sandwich

    I am moderately obsessed with using my Weber grill to smoke most anything I can. If you came here from my IG, you already know this, LOL. Jeney bought me charcoal holders for Christmas, they hold the charcoal in a fixed place to maximize the area of the grill with indirect heat. I put them to good use the other day and smoked a few pounds of tofu.

    FWIW, I used mesquite and pecan wood. Incredible flavor. Never one to waste good food, I whipped up this dank sandwich for lunch: sourdough bread, vegan mayonnaise, spicy mustard, thinly sliced smoked tofu, baby spinach, red onion, with some salt and pepper. Then for good measure I put it on my cast iron grill for a couple of minutes to warm it up and get these cool grill marks. Tasty success!

  • Working on new stuff

    As they say, a new year, a new you. We are taking that to heart as well. As some of you know we come up with a theme for each year that we try to go by. Last year’s was ‘be better’, and if I’m being honest, we did not do as well at being better as we had set out to. Part of learning and growing is admitting your failures.

    Us on a hike at the Santa Rosa preserve in SoCal, Jan 2021.

    This year our motto is ‘refocused’. We want to focus in on what we love and ignore outside influences. We want to focus in on things we want to learn, and get down to business on it. So part of that is, this new blog and trying to be diligent and making sure it happens on a regular basis.

    This photo is from a hike we took this past weekend. It was a fantastically beautiful day here in Southern California. We set out to do a one and a half mile loop. Ended up doing 4 miles! A weekly hike is another part of our refocusing. We both love hiking and exploring the outdoors, however distractions have held us back from accomplishing some of that in the past. So far we have done multiple hikes since the beginning of December and our stamina has built up over that time.

    What are your goals for this year?

  • Our new ‘BillandJeney.com’ – in progress…

    The two of us, taken Dec 2021 near Spring Mountain State Park in Nevada.

    We appreciate you stopping by. We will be getting some content up very soon.

  • Recipe: Roasted cubanelle salsa

    It’s possible that you may have seen my picture of the roasted cubanelle salsa on Instagram. If you are having a party, this is a great recipe to wow your friends and family with. It replaces the boring pico de gallo you can buy at the store and it makes a great dip for your tortilla chips.

    Roasted cubanelle salsa

    It can also be served over chiles rellenos or used as an enchilada sauce. Really, the possibilities are endless. 🙂

    If you would like to make this, here is the recipe:

    8 cubanelle peppers, topped and seeded
    2 medium size tomatoes, very ripe
    2 jalapenos, topped, with seeds
    3 cloves of garlic
    2 tablespoons chopped of dried onions
    1/2 a teaspoon whole cumin seed
    1/2 a cup white vinegar


    Put the cubanelle peppers, jalapenos and the 3 cloves of garlic on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil, Salt and pepper to taste.

    Roast in the broiler on high for 5 minutes, take them out, turn them over and roast for another 5 minutes or until they begin to blister and brown.

    Remove them from the oven and while the pan is still hot sprinkle with the cumin seeds and chopped dried onions on top and toss together. Let rest for 10 minutes.

    During that 10 minutes chop up the tomatoes and place them in a blender. Scrape all of the peppers, cumin, dried onions into the blender on top of the tomatoes, add the vinegar and blend until smooth.

    Serve and enjoy!

  • Mail Theft: A growing problem and how to help stop it

    Our mailboxes after being broken into

    Temecula, CA – As many of us here in the suburbs of the Inland Empire have discovered, mail theft is a growing issue. Community ‘cluster mail boxes’ have been a prime target since they provide multiple opportunities to gain valuable personal info, checks and small packages. The picture here is from my mailbox across the street from my home. Needless to say I was rather pissed off to find this.

    After speaking with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and doing some research, I have some pointers I would like to share with you:

    1 – Don’t have mail or packages delivered to your home. Seriously, no joke.
    Get a post office box or a mailbox at a ‘postal annex’ type place. The advantage to a ‘postal annex’ type location over the Post Office is independent mail locations accept USPS mail AND UPS/FedEx – the Post Office will only accept USPS mail. You might need to drive to the mail box store to pick things up, but you will know that your Amazon package is safe there.

    2 – If you are not into the idea above, or the cost for a separate mailbox is outside of your budget, be sure to pick up your mail from your mailbox EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not every other day, not once a week. EVERY DAY! If your mail isn’t in the mailbox over night, then your mail doesn’t get stolen by tweekers. It is really that simple. Tweekers and thieves typically work in the dark of the night, if your mail is already in your house – you have already made the best defensive move.

    3 – If you have packages delivered to your home while not there, be sure to get a HD camera for the front door area. Make sure it works and is motion sensitive. Use it everyday. While some thieves will still take your package, if they see a camera, some will just move along after seeing others arrested when the videos of thieves go viral on social media.

    4 – If your mail or packages are stolen, don’t just post about it on FB or IG, FILE A DAMN POLICE REPORT. For real, my mailbox has 12 slots and I was the ONLY PERSON TO FILE A REPORT in my neighborhood according to the deputy. Crimes are not going to report themselves, nor does your local patrol officer have time to be checking FB ‘community talk’ pages to see what crimes have been going down. Get on the phone and call PD so they know what areas to step up patrols and if the dirtbags thieves are caught – you will likely be notified if your items are retrieved as part of an arrest. As well you can report suspected mail losses to Postal Inspectors by calling 877-876-2455 (press 3) or at postalinspectors.uspis.gov

    Share this post with friends and family!!