Day 22:

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I’m taking a cheat day! Each day I’ve worked out, watched calories, fat intake, sodium, vitamins, minerals and every other damn thing for 21 days. Today is the day where I’m just going to eat and relax. Tomorrow morning, I get back after it! Also, it doesn’t show up well, but … Continue reading Day 22:

Day 21:

Today’s ‘workout’ photo is posted a little late because, we had a heck of a busy day. I did get up and work out in the morning. Rode the bike for 20 minutes, got in 5 miles. I punched and kicked the bag for about 10 minutes and then did some weights. Ended with a … Continue reading Day 21:

Day 20:

So… funny story. Yesterday was my ‘rest’ day, but somehow I figured out a way to tweak my back. I noticed it when I got off the stationary bike. As the day went on, it got tighter and tighter. This morning when I got out of bed it was spasming pretty bad, can’t lie. It … Continue reading Day 20:

Day 19:

Today I am doing a rest day. Recovery is important too. In an effort to not totally slack though, I got a little bit in. I did 22 minutes on the stationary bike for 4 miles, 4 sets of 10 modified crunches and then some stretching. I’m happy to report that after being very diligent … Continue reading Day 19:

Day 18:

I’ve got a busy day today, and I had to do work stuff while working out; so I’ve got my serious face on. Today I set out for a 30 minute workout, but because I had to stop a couple times I ended up going for 40 minutes. I cycled for 22 minutes and got … Continue reading Day 18:

Day 17:

Today I worked out for 1 hour and 5 minutes! 39 minutes on the stationary bike for a total of 7.7 miles. After that I got in the bag workout that I did not accomplish yesterday. Punching, kicking and some knees. The bag didn’t stand a chance, lol. I finished off with three sets of … Continue reading Day 17: